How To Start

Upload your files to My Print Center. See below for more details.

For first-time users

  • Swipe your CougarCard at any CougPrints printer. See locations in the sidebar.
  • Log in to MyPrintCenter.
    • Use your NID (network ID) and password in the same way as you log into MyWSU.
    • your NID is the part of your WSU e-mail preceding the @. For example: for the WSU e-mail the NID is first.last
  • Upload your file and select printing specifications to the site.
  • Swipe your CougarCard at a supported printer.
  • Select your job on the screen and choose Print.
  • Be sure to log off.

For repeat users

  • Upload your files into My Print Center.
  • To retrieve your documents at the printer, swipe your CougarCard with Cougar CASH.
  • Select your job and choose Print.
  • Be sure to log off.