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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I contact somebody at CougPrints?
Submit any questions through Contact Us page
Send an Email to
Call us at 509-335-1647
Stop by CougPrints Plus in the CUB on the ground floor.
2.  How do I send a print job with e-mail?
See the Mobile Printing page for details.  Send your document as an attachment on an e-mail to
3. Where do I get print drivers for my Android phone?
Smart phones and tablets do not use print drivers. CougPrints Mobile Printing uses the e-mail capabilities of these devices: Please visit the Mobile Printing page for details. Send your document as an attachment on an e-mail to
4. How much does it cost?
Black and white prints and copies are 10¢ per printed page or side.
Color prints and copies are 30¢ per printed page or side.
All scans are 10¢ per page.
5. How do I get a refund?
Refunds are processed by CougPrints Plus, CUB Ground Floor, and must be requested in person, Monday – Friday, 9:30 am – 5:00 pm.  In order to provide a refund, we will need patron WSU ID, phone number, date, time, location, description of event, and problem prints.
6. How long does my print job stay available on the printer?
CougPrints printers retain print jobs for at least 12 hours.
7. When I swipe my card I get one of these errors, “Please wait”, “User locked on iMFP3”, or “An Internal Server Error Occurred…”
“User locked on IMFPxxx” indicates that you have swiped your CougarCard on multiple devices. If you cannot log yourself off of one of the devices, please contact a Key Operator listed under Questions or Concerns on the posted instructions sign on or near the device. “An Internal Server Error Occurred…” Probably means that you have an incorrect page size specified in your file:  look further into the message for “A4” or “Executive”, if so, you will need to change the page size.  Or, it may indicate that you have swiped a non CougarCard. Only CougarCards are accepted.
8. My printed page didn’t look like I expected it to.
Please contact the Key Operator listed under the Questions or Concerns section on the posted instructions sign on or near the device.
9. The printer displays “No suitable printer available: The selected printer does not allow some of your print job’s attributes ‘Executive'”.  Other attributes (Paper Size) that are not allowed are A4, Quarto, Legal, and Statement.

The submitted print job specifies an invalid paper size.  CougPrint printers use only letter size paper. Submitting a print job with any other size of paper will result in the noted message.  Please resubmit the job with letter size pages.  Please note that it may not be sufficient to change only the page size setting in the print driver.  Please also change the paper size in the page-setup to “letter.”

10. How do I download print drivers?
Print drivers for downloading are accessible through the Campus Map or the list of locations. Click on the building where your desired printer is located and select the driver that best matches your operating system.
11. I get an error message when attempting to send jobs that states “Cannot connect to host on port 28203”.
You will need to update your host file. Please download and run the batch file to update your hosts file.  This executable requires .Net Framework 2.5 or higher.  A download for .Net Framework 3.5 can be found here.  Some users may need to run the batch file while in “SAFE” mode.  If you are uncomfortable with putting your computer in SAFE mode, please make an appointment with Coug Prints support staff.  For Mac users open ports 28203 and 515 under the /System Preferences/Sharing/ pane.
12. What if the Alert page indicates my printer is unavailable?
There are other printers available. Select a different location until the issue is resolved. Please note that a job sent to any of the  Market printers, the CUB, Todd Hall, or a library may also be released at any of those locations.
13. Nothing happens when I try to print to a CougPrints printer from my OS X device.
Please download and install the Ricoh Printer Software Update.
14. When I try to install a Coug Prints print driver I get an error that reads in part: “can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.”
This is a new security feature in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.  To install a CougPrints driver go to System Preferences, then Personal, Security and Privacy, and choose the General tab.  Un-lock the window by clicking on the padlock in the lower left and select the Anywhere radio button.  Now install your print driver!  After your driver installation is complete, return to that Security and Privacy window and select Mac App Store and identified developers.  This last step will return your computer to default security settings. There are new drivers available for OS X that do not require these extra steps. Please visit our Campus Map or our Locations pages to download the newest drivers.
15. On my OS X device I do not get the popup asking for my name, job name, and password anymore.
Please uninstall your old print driver with the uninstall utility located in your OS X device in /library/application support/pharos/utilities/, then install a new print driver.